Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flatulence.. it happens..

17 years ago, I was about 4 months pregnant with my beautiful daughter T..
I ran into Walgreens for a birthday card to give a friend. I had been so sick, and it was great to finally feel like doing something. My belly wasn't showing yet because I'd been so sick, most people couldn't tell. Ok-back to my story..

So here I am at the Walgreens and feeling good- you know what I'm talking about ladies-the good feeling when you're finally getting over that first trimester uneasiness... Finally-feeling-like-putting-on-makeup-and-doing-your-hair-because-you-want-to-GOOD!

The guy in the checkout lane behind me was really nice-looking (hey-ladies-we still have eyes-we can look!) and anyway.. He's checking me out! I'm cool, I'm calm, I'm collected, I'm paying for the birthday card, then, as I'm walking out....

I'm no longer cool... Do you know why?? Why I wanted to run back home, wash my face and my hair of any trace that I'd done anything so maybe-I could forget my total embarrassment????

As I was walking away from the register, a very loud-"bwwarrrrrpppppp" somehow came from me-it was a shock-a sudden act of terror from my body to my ego.. So as I continued walking away as if nothing had just exploded from me- as soon as I took a step outside- I heard peels of laughter..

Alright, alright, it was funny.. A lot funnier now, 17 years later, when I can look back and laugh wholeheartedly at my little..ummm..bodily indiscretion.

Big hugs to my followers~

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Letter to 16-Year-Old Me

Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me,

Don't worry so much. Life's too short for worries.

Pray daily. God will bless you with more than you could ever deserve, even if it seems like He continues to take what you love away.

Enjoy every second that you spend with Mom. She won't live forever.

Hug Dad and tell him you are sorry. The stories someone told you were all lies, so don't waste time by being angry for things he's never done.

Be nice to your little brother. He will grow up to be your best friend and you'll wonder what you did without that close relationship with him.

Forgive everyone. Don't ever forget what they are capable of.

Love yourself - your body, intelligence, strength and compassion. You are beautiful, regardless of the scars and stretch marks to come.

Work hard. Don't give up and settle for less than you are worth.

Something horrible will happen to you. I won't tell you to avoid it because you will find strength that you've never known you were capable of, you won't allow yourself to be a victim for very long.

Be patient. Don't rush your life away.
Do what you are passionate about. You can complete anything that you set your mind to.

Give love freely. Don't hold others' past mistakes against everyone, it will keep you from the complete joy you can experience in life.

You ARE good enough. Don't let anyone get in your head, where they can make you think that you are aren't.

Regret nothing. Appreciate EVERYTHING!

Your Thirty-something-year-old Self

Big hugs to my followers~

Monday, April 15, 2013

I was reminded..

I'm sorry to have been missing for the last couple of months, times have been busy..  Every time I go to sit and have a moment to blog, someone needs the computer or I am finishing a project, etc., etc.
I enjoy volunteering my time for the school, and it can get pretty hectic.

..on the other hand.. I was reminded today that I needed to take this time out for myself, to carve it in- regardless of what else is going on, because I deserve it.  

My mind has been on replay today, conversations that I had with a coworker just replaying in my mind.. One specific conversation in which I'd told her about my love of writing and I read something to her that I'd written when the Sandy Hook tragedy happened last December.. 

She'd loved what I'd written and told me that I should do it-if I want to write-I should just do it!  So, I started my blog... and then didn't make time for it..

Today before work, I had to make a quick stop but I was a little early. Wasting time while parked in the parking lot, I pulled up Facebook.  My beautiful coworker's face came up on the screen with a note giving her year of birth and then "-2013". What? She hadn't been in the office for a week or two, and she'd been sick-I couldn't remember how long it had been since I'd seen her.. My mind was just turning and turning-this could not possibly be true! A quick phone call to another coworker-one that works directly under her and found out that, in fact, it was.   

Needless to say, today was a day of shock as all who came into work found out more about this fight she fought silently and with pride, to protect us..  Our proud friend had been diagnosed with stage IV cancer just 6 weeks ago.  She'd been at work on and off through April 5, and told everyone but her direct supervisor that she was fine, just having some tests done.  

Someone noticed missing personal things from her office last week, so they called her and she just told them that she was fine, she'd be back, and "not to worry".  It's obvious now that she had come in after hours to clean out her office, just so her loved ones wouldn't have to..  

I feel honored to have had the privilege to work with this strong, brave, proud, God-loving wife and mother.  Anyone of faith that knew her, are positive that she is now Home with her Holy Father.  

Big hugs to my followers~

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day ideas

So I figured everyone was going to be jumping on the Valentine's day bandwagon for posting so figured that I'd share my thoughts/ideas also..

Do I think we should celebrate? Hell, yes! Why not enjoy a day when candy is an awesome gift? Chocolate-anytime, anywhere! Lol

Do I think that we shouldn't celebrate those that we love during the other 364 days of the year? Of course I think that we should make time for each other during the entire year but our schedules get filled with games, playdates, and meetings.

I also think though that we are usually setting ourselves- and those we love- up for disappointment by having the big expectations for this Hallmark holiday.

This is what I encourage you to try:

1. Talk to your spouse/significant other with plenty of time to spare and have a spending limit of around $20 if you do gifts. Ladies- this won't get you roses but really-flowers are an "out-of-the-blue" gift. Wouldn't it be better to get them when you have NO idea that they are coming? Flowers on V-day are soooo expensive anyway!

2. Plan an in-house dinner for the two of you to plan and make together. Try a new recipe, but cooking together can be quite the starter- and you won't have to worry about overcrowded restaurants. If you can't find a sitter- feed the kids a frozen pizza and fix yours AFTER they go to bed.

3. Turn on the music after dinner- NOT a movie! Play a card game, dance, whatever- but DO NOT TURN ON THE TV! It'll get the conversation going if you are actively doing something together- instead of tuning everything out. Isn't being with the one that you love really what V-day is for? I have also found quite a few "20 questions" activities for married couples online- some are really funny!

4. During the rest of the year- plan a little rendezvous for just the two of you, schedule monthly date nights, and take a mental health day from work every once in a while to just stay home together.

Happy Valentine's Day to You! XOXO

~Big hugs to my followers

Oh and by the way- I've got to give a shout out to my husband! I love you Babe!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Different Roads

Asking for help-why is it so difficult? 

Maybe because we have been told so many times that there isn't anything wrong and get labeled "drama queens" for being unfortunate enough to have had struggles in our lives. 

Why is a woman considered weak if she quietly says, "Hey there-I am having just a really crappy time right now.  I might cry a little, I will probably overreact to anything you say-even if you don't see how it can be misconstrued as being a negative comment, so could you please be understanding?"?  

Why do some women look at the person, who is opening up to us and being honest, and say, "What a drama queen! Get over it already!"?  

Is that how you would respond to your friend, fellow student, or coworker?
What if the one that is hurting doesn't want to share their pain?  Does that make their pain less significant? 

Every person in this world has their own road to travel, hundreds-maybe even millions of bricks will be passed by each soul- if God willing.  No two people will take the exact same course.  Each will take turns on their own, developing as they grow, and then, hopefully, building a bridge to connect and share their road with others by creating their own family.

While on the road each travels in our life, we have struggles-broken hearts, loss, chaos, illness.  No other person knows our struggles as we do.  Even if they have been shared, they haven't been lived by any other human being in the exact same way.

Think of this if you come across a coworker/classmate that seems unusually quiet, or if you see a tear fall down their cheek.  Don't always ask, "What's wrong?" because they may not want to share, or talking more about it could be difficult for them. 

Give them a tissue and say, "Anything that I can do?".   Just that simple act will show them that you are there if they need someone.  That, really, is all they need.

But hey-I'm not a psychologist, no PhD for this girl.  I'm just a girl that has lived this crazy life experience full of ups and downs, broken hearts, and also more joy than anyone has ever deserved. 

Big hugs to my followers~