Friday, January 2, 2015

Life is 2 Short 4 Me!: The Calendar Switch

Life is 2 Short 4 Me!: The Calendar Switch

The Calendar Switch

Every January 1st, we switch the calendars out on our desktops or walls, and wait for some sort of "Poof" moment.  The moment in which you feel as if you are starting fresh, without the issues that transpired on dates from that old calendar.  

Some of us make resolutions and gym memberships are purchased like crazy!  We swear to ourselves that we will go at least five days a week.  Then....two, maybe (if we're really good) four weeks later, this or that needs taken care of first and we'd really like the extra 30 minutes of sleep.

Last year, I chose a word to live by in 2014.  It's a learning process, but I think I am getting better at giving my "Presence" to whomever I'm with. I am picking with picking a word for 2015. 

When reviewing last year, I decided to pick what described it... The one word I would use to describe my year is "Overwhelming".

Getting my first child ready for college has been an experience.  We've done the tours, applications, she's been approved, but because she is a music education major, she still has to audition and be accepted in their music program. Her top two choices are the only ones she is auditioning for, and I am so excited to see what's in store for her. 

My second and youngest, started high school this year. Her transition from Middle School couldn't have gone better.   She's very involved with different groups and organizations, and I really think that helped her. The girl makes me smile every single day, regardless of the circumstances.  She is pure JOY, and everyone around her can't help but catch it!

The day before Thanksgiving, our family lost a sweet 17 year-old girl, whom we all love.  She's like a sister to my kids, and her Mom is my dearest friend.  We spent hours talking about the bright future she had ahead of her. I'd just talked to her that afternoon.  It still seems impossible-too horrible for it to be true. She and I have a lot of the same favorites, from books, movies, TV shows, even our love for owls.  Her mom is her best friend.  I say "is" instead of "was" when speaking of her because if you spent time with her, you'd realize that she gave a piece of herself back to you.  So I think of her living on, in the hearts and minds of all who love her.  There are so many who've been forever changed by her and her friendship.  I'm grateful to be one of those blessed people, and my girls are too. I am sharing a picture of her with my girls, taken during one of our shopping adventures.

I seem to be in the rush hour of my life.  There have been many times in which I find myself wishing the next rest stop was close by, that I could take a break from the rush hour traffic and run away. 

Then I remember this life is so short, and I stop, take a deep breathe, and sit back to enjoy the spectacular view.

Big (hugs)~

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ramblings of a Desperate Human

We're human beings. 

When we wake up, most of us are barely conscious of the air we take in and breath out. We are putting our clothes on, getting ready to face the world and whatever challenges await us. We grab the coffee/latte/whatever-will-get-us-through-this at our local "Java Jo", and stare aimlessly at our devices while ordering rather than-GASP!-socializing with the other humans around us.

Fast forward approximately 8 hours, and we're pulling in the driveway, grabbing our mail, and what are we doing?  Staring at our devices.. In fact, that commute home gave our minds time to wander, think, imagine, and all the while giving us a serious case of "Screen Withdrawal"..

What would happen though,  if for one day, there were no cell phones or tablets for us to share our (miss)adventures?

Did you notice the "miss" in misadventures?  That's because I profoundly believe that so many of our experiences are missed or lacking all because so much attention is paid to that screen..

How many wonderful ideas or creative inspirations have been missed from looking down? I'm committing to putting my phone away one evening a week and on family/friend outings unless there's an absolute emergency.

They will appreciate it and the fact that I will be with THEM rather than whomever is texting (THIS DOESN'T APPLY IF IT'S YOUR MOTHER CALLING YOU-LOL).

Will you commit to one day a month,  or even one evening every week? 

Thank you for sticking with me, even when I'm silent for a long time!

Big hugs!

P.s. Here's a pic of me and my teen girls enjoying a day, that was definitely NOT wasted staring at a screen!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Challenge of Choosing One Word

Resolutions, Shmesolutions...  They don't work, at least for me, they don't.
So I'm trying this "One Word" thing out, and we'll see how it goes...I guess....  It took me fooooorever to pick a word. I've read so many blog posts saying the same thing. We could pick 2-3 words, but what makes one word so magical, how does it work in all situations or circumstances?  

There are the easy words.. hope, breath, faith, love, family, etc.....

Then I thought about what I've learned about Mindfulness.  Being present, in the moment every minute of the day, even when brushing your teeth.  Okay, I know, you're probably laughing now thinking, "Yea, right, I'm thinking about what needs to be done before getting in bed or going to work!".  

For example, while holding your daughter's hand, feel her hand, pay attention to the difference in size and texture. (You do know this won't last forever..) Be present in that moment. Giving your PRESENCE to whomever you are with, or whatever you are doing is the greatest gift you can give that person and yourself.  
It has been helping with my anxiety, just to do one thing at a time, as often as possible. I feel like I'm on repeat with: "Hold on, let me finish this first.", followed by a lot of sighs...  Alas, they will survive...and I will concentrate on brushing my teeth while I do just that. 

Big Hugs to You <3

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Moving On..

People change, sometimes separating themselves from us, and we move on..  
Don't take it personally-it's their loss, not yours.
I instantly fell in love with this quote when I found it years ago.  
Happy New Year! 
Big hugs to you <3