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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kids Make Such a Mess!

These kids..they make such a mess! 

The laundry is always piling up-the number of loads that one tiny infant can create is crazy!!  The toys, with their extra attachments and little pieces..seem to get everywhere-and don't EVEN get me started on those (insert sarcasm) fun little plastic snappy building toys that always end up under your foot in the dark! It doesn't get better as they get older either...

Seriously, is it that difficult to put away the dirty clothes, or clean off the bathroom counter??  They do hang up their towels, so I'm thankful. :)

From the moment we find out they exist, their mess fills our home, mind, and most of all-our heart. We are so much better for it.
My girls, T & C, have decorated their bedroom walls with a mess of things they love.

C has artwork she's done and tons of pictures all over her room! Her bed is never made, but she does much more. We are so, so proud of who she is-inside and out. :)

T's walls are filled with musical posters, artwork, notes from friends, and lots of pictures. T has also started getting things together for the big move to college in September. I'm really going to miss this girl, and all of her messes. For all of the times in the last 18-1/2 years that I've been irritated for the mess this girl has made..I'm a million times over more thankful for every single moment.

Thank you for touring our mess tonight. Tonight, I close with a picture of my college-bound girl and I, right after she caught me taking pictures of her messy room.

Big hugs ~ <3