Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Where were you?

Everyone asks, "Where were you when you heard..". 

So many things were going on.. I was dropping my kids off at daycare so that I could drive Mom to her radiation appointment. She also had her first oncology appointment that day and both of my girls had physicals scheduled...

Mostly I remember the fear that we all felt-one I'll never shake-the loss of that safe feeling you got when you were little and your mom tucked you in "snug as a bug".. Grasping on the new truth of our world-we were no longer safe. 

We all saw it, felt it, heard it, until we couldn't anymore.. That night, I saw the numbers of firefighters and police that were gone, dying as heroes saving lives..

I also heard about that group of brave people on a flight and their refusal to allow their plane to be the next weapon used in killing thousands. 

So here we are, living, going on, regardless of how difficult it can be.. 

Let's roll..

Big hugs to my followers <3

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